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Fine Arts Classwork

Below are additional projects and sketches I created for an advanced drawing class.

Hingson Peace Gun

Hingson Peace Gun Black, white and grey charcoal 36'' x 24''

Somniform Inhaler

Somniform Inhaler Woodless pencil 36'' x 24''


Replication of "Wrestlers" by Katsushika Hokusai Thin and thick marker

Woman at Rest II

Replication of Woman at Rest II by Charles White Quick sketch done in pencil

Oak Leaf

Abstract drawing of a natural object. I chose an oak leaf. Tan paper, black and white charcoal

Toothbrush Patent

Toothbrush Patent Study of a 1950's toothbrush. Thin marker


Quick studies of natural objects. I chose a stick with bark to show texture. Pencil

Childhood Reflection

Childhood Reflection My experience with living in Mexico for 3 years as a kid. 36'' x 24'' Chalk pastel and charcoal

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